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A designer should be brought in to your project as early as possible.

At J. Hurst & Associates, a designer can help you define the project in terms that provide meaningful guidance for design. We can assist in evaluating your existing structure, the site, and prepare materials for planning and zoning approvals. We also are able to work with DEQ for Lakeshore properties as we are very familiar with their process to get approval for your property. Our expertise affords you the opportunity to reduce your building costs, decrease your home’s energy needs, and increase its future resale value. Even the simplest projects can become very complex.


Each situation is unique, including people, needs, site, financing and/or regulatory requirements. Many owners’ needs and expectations come into focus only in the process of design. As the design process progresses, priorities are clarified, alternatives explored and evaluated, and new possibilities emerge. You as the owner provide the ultimate resources to realize your expectations through what you bring to the project; knowledge, physical experience, needs, desires, aspirations and personal opinions.

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