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From thoughtful economical design solutions through competitive bidding processes for construction contracts.

Most off the rack production houses are not so much designed as themed; Mediterranean, French, Country, Faux, Tudor, Neo-Colonial, etc. These homes may offer voluminous spaces but generally lack any interesting architectural details, especially on the interior. Most are poorly proportioned. Amazingly, these homes are very similar coast to coast, regardless of the vernacular of their specific regions. The latest trend for custom homes suggests bigger is not better. Spend budget dollars on interesting design details and finishes vs. vanilla square footage.


Building is a long process that is often emotional and disruptive. As your designer we represent you, the client, in the building industry. We will look out for your best interests, smooth process, and assist in finding you the best qualified contractors to execute the design. Site visits through the construction process help protect you against poor workmanship or work that is not according to plan. An designer can reduce building costs, home energy requirements, and increase its future resale value through good design.

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